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Antique Gold, Platinum and Diamond / Engagement Rings

An Antique is defined as an item that is 100 or more years old - in jewellery terms an item of antique jewellery is considered to be dated pre 1920 as this is the date set by the Assay office for hallmarking exemption.

All of the antique rings on this page are dated to earlier than 1920 and have true character.  Victorian Gold rings, antique platinum rings, Art Nouveau silver rings with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other gemstones - a fantastic selection with style and class.  We do NOT polish to 'as new' but ensure all items are clean and in good condition - we prefer to let the items character show through.  However we will professionally polish any item at the request of the customer.  If you would like to enquire about a particular antique ring not listed here then contact us with your requirements.  Please remember many antique items do not carry full UK hallmarks, but are all tested for gold purity and are guaranteed to be as described.

All descriptions give as much detail as possible and the sizes are given in UK and US measurements.  If you need a ring resizing we will advise whether this is possible depending on the style of the ring and the amount of resizing necessary, however we are not able to undertake this on internet orders.  We do liaise with the British Jeweller's Association to find a local jeweller for you who can assist in this so please ask us if you require our assistance.
18ct gold art deco ruby ring

c1915 Exceptional Art Deco 18ct Gold Marquise Ruby Ring
This is a gorgeous old ring from the turn of the 20th century.  It is fully tested and warranted for 18ct Rosey Gold and has a stunning Art Deco design.  It is quite a large ring at with the front panel measuring 26 mm.  It has diamond cut engraving around the mount and vice scroll work to the shoulders.  The delicious flawless pale red natural ruby measures an impressive 17mm long and sparkles beautifully.  It is a size K 1/2 (US 5.75) which could be resized with care.  It is a truly stunning and striking ring.
Valued at: £775.00     OUR PRICE £275.00

18ct gold diamond gypsy ring

1898 Chester Victorian 18ct Gold 3 Diamond Gypsy Ring
Hallmarked for Chester 1898, this is a classic designed diamond gypsy ring.  It is a rosey yellow gold colour, very warm, and features 3 graduated old rose cut diamonds of E-F colour and eye clean with swirl design to the shoulders.  The quality of the diamonds is immediately apparent, with good sparkle.  The ring is a size N (US 7.0) - resizing possible - and measures 6.2mm across the front, narrowing to a slimmer band at the rear.  A very nice antique diamond ring.
Valued at: £395.00     OUR PRICE £145.00

antique 18ct gold sapphire diamond ring

18ct Gold Victorian Diamond and Sapphire Gypsy Ring
This is a rare and wonderful find.  A gorgeous Victorian diamond and sapphire gypsy ring in 18ct Gold made to the very highest standard.  It is crafted from 18ct rose Gold (hallmarked - worn) with a rope plain mount and diamond cut rub-over setting.  It is set with a total of 3 round cut vibrant blue sapphires and 2 round cut sparkling white diamonds.  All stones are approx 2.5 mm in diameter and very securely set.  It is a size S (US 9.25) so could even be suitable for a man.  The front is quite wide at 7 mm, narrowing to the rear where the shank has thinned (see pics)  A beautiful ring still fully wearable and could be resized / strengthened.
Valued at £595.00     OUR PRICE £225.00     REDUCED £165.00


18ct gold diamond trilogy ring

c1890 Victorian 18ct Gold Diamond Trilogy Ring
This is a very beautiful Victorian diamond ring in remarkably good condition.  It features a thick 18ct Gold Band (marked, fully tested and warranted) with barked shoulders.  The setting is platinum, holding 3 claw set old round cut diamonds of F colour and SI2 clarity, very bright and sparkly totaling 0.20 carats.  Very sturdy and well made, a classic example.  Size L 1/2 (US 6.00) - re sizing possible.
Valued at £595.00     OUR PRICE £195.00

huge 18ct gold diamond ring

c1900 Huge 18ct Gold 0.70 carat Diamond Solitaire Ring
This is an absolutely gorgeous and imposing diamond ring which we have taken lots of pics of to try and show its beauty.  It was custom made around 1900 and features a very thick and heavy 18ct gold shank and mount with a six claw gypsy setting.  However, it is the diamond which makes this ring:  A stunning 0.70ctw round brilliant cut solitaire of H/I colour and VSI1 clarity, though it looks whiter in sunlight.  It truly is a beautiful antique ring and is of superb workmanship with a very secure setting.  Size S (US 9.25) re-sizing possible.
Valued at £3,250.00     OUR PRICE £950.00     

22ct gold diamond tourmaline ring

c1890 Art Nouveau 22ct Gold Rose Diamond and Tourmaline Ring
This is a real sparkling Victorian diamond ring.  It features a beautifully worked 22ct gold pierced shank which is over 5mm thick and a large intricately worked silver mount with 22ct gold detailing.  The mount measures 23mm x 19mm and is set with old rose cut sparkling diamonds ranging in colour from white to pink.  Total carat weight of diamonds is 1.12 ctw.  Centrally set is a 4.5mm round carbouchon pink tourmaline.  This is an absolutely stunning ring and its larger size means it really attracts attention.  Size N (US 7.0) - Resizing is not possible for this Art Nouveau diamond ring.
Valued at £1395.00     OUR PRICE £450.00     CLEARANCE £310.00

antique 18ct gold diamond eternity ring

Impressive 18ct Gold 5 Diamond Eternity Ring
This is a nice big sized ring, classically Victorian in style.  It is hallmarked 18ct Gold (hallmark rubbed) with a platinum 5 stone setting.  It is set with 5 old cut diamonds, the centre one being 3 mm in diameter and graduating down.  The diamonds are a nice white (E-F) colour and are SI to VSI clarity, the centre one having a couple of inclusions noted under illuminated magnification.  Despite that they sparkle amazingly and only an expert eye would suggest they are not perfect.  It is a size T (US 9.75) which could be altered easily.
Appraised Value £795.00     OUR PRICE £245.00


c1800 George III 18ct Platinum Diamond Trilogy Ring
An ancient diamond ring looking for new loving owner.  Yup, this is a truly ancient piece of high quality jewellery needing a new home.  It is a solid 18ct Gold (hallmark rubbed) shanked ring with a wide platinum setting housing 3 round old mine cut diamonds.  The platinum work is basic due to the age but it is still a beautiful and antique engagement ring.  It needs to be worn to be really appreciated - it just oozes history.  Size I/J (US 4.75)   - Resizing possible.
Valued at £745.00     OUR PRICE £225.00

18ct gold sapphire diamond ring
Antique 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring
This is a truly stunning antique sapphire ring.  Crafted in Europe c1900 it features a good size marquise cut sapphire solitaire of 14mm x 9.5mm.  The stone is good cut and clarity.  It is further accented by a total of 10 round brilliant cut ice white diamonds.  It is quite a chunky ring at 16mm at its widest and is a size R (US 8.75) which could be changed by your jeweller.
Appraised Value £695.00     OUR PRICE £245.00

18ct gold platinum diamond solitaire

c1875 18ct Gold Platinum Mounted Diamond Solitaire Ring
Dating from approx 1875 this is a lovely diamond solitaire ring.  It is crafted from 18ct Gold (old stamp) with a platinum rub-over setting holding a single sparkling white diamond.  It is thickly made with a nice strong setting and the diamond measures approx 3mm in diameter.  The stone itself is E colour, VSI2 and round brilliant cut.  Size N (US 7.0)  Resizing possible.  Would make a perfect engagement ring or just a very special gift.
Valued at £725.00     OUR PRICE £245.00     SALE £195.00


antique diamond ring

Unusual 18ct Gold Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring
Here is another custom made Diamond Ring dating to c1890.  This is an absolute beauty.  It features an 18ct yellow gold shank (old 18ct marked) with split shoulders leading to a platinum collared mount.  The diamond is approx 2.5 mm diameter, E colour and internally flawless under 100x magnification.  This is typical of the era with a very fancy mount (total 5 mm) and is a size O (US 7.25) which could be resized by your jeweller.
Valued at £495.00     OUR PRICE  £165.00
22ct gold diamond ring

Victorian 1885 22ct Gold and Platinum Diamond Ring
This is another one-off custom made c1885.  We know who it was made for but not the jeweller involved, unfortunately.  It features a sturdy 22ct Gold band (warranted, tested) and a platinum collar.  It houses a rub-over set old cut diamond of F/G colour, 3.6 mm diameter and no inclusions visible under 100x magnification.  A very well made ring and a wonderful engagement ring as this was its purpose 130 years ago.  Size J (US 5.0) which can be altered.
Valued at £645.00     OUR PRICE £195.00


chester 1917 9ct gold signet ring

Lovely 9ct Rose Gold 1917 WWI Chester Signet Ring
This is a really nice piece of history dating from the First World War.  Fully hallmarked for Chester 1917 it is a nice warm rose gold and unengraved.  The front panel measures 12 mm and tapers down to 3 mm at the rear.  It is thickly made and was probably for a returning soldier.  It is a good size T 1/2 (US 10.0) which can be altered by a competent jeweller.
Valued at £395.00  
  OUR PRICE £125.00


9ct white gold art deco eternity ring

1915 Art Deco 9ct White Gold Full Eternity Ring
This is another gorgeous band from the Art Deco period.  It is crafted from solid 9ct White Gold, (marked 9ct).  It measures just under 5mm wide and has alternating triangular sections all the way round, each one set with a white spinel.  The engraving and detailing was all done by hand and is excellent craftmanship.  Size T-U (US 10.0)
Valued at £295.00  
  OUR PRICE £125.00

8ct gold onyx diamond ring

Early 8ct Gold Onyx and Diamond Signet Ring
This is a very early post WWI 8ct Gold ring dating to c1918.  It features a plain yellow gold shank leading up to a white fancy setting which has a nice oval onyx of 14mm x 8mm and a centrally set round cut small diamond.  There is nice detailing to the mount giving it that classic antique look.  It is a size O (US 7.25) and as it has a plain shank this could be altered.
Valued at £325.00    
OUR PRICE £125.00     SALE £95.00

18ct Gold platinum diamond ring

Victorian 18ct Gold Platinum and Diamond Ring Size L.5
Another stunning Art Deco diamond ring.  This dates from c1870 and features a nice thick 18ct Yellow Gold shank.  To the top is a rhomboid shaped platinum mount set with 3 old rose cut sparkling diamonds.  The ring is in immaculate condition and would be suitable as an engagement ring, a special gift or a treat for yourself.  We are even including a luxury box for FREE.  Size L.5 (US 6.0) - Resizing possible.  A stunning 18ct Gold platinum and diamond ring.
Valued at £499.00    
OUR PRICE £165.00

18ct gold diamond panel ring

Victorian 18ct Gold Diamond Panel Ring
Dating to c1880 this is a classic Victorian diamond ring.  It features a plain 18ct Gold (hallmarked) shank with sculpted shoulders and a curved front panel which houses a total of 8 (eight) round old cut diamonds.  It has nice sparkle, a good solid weight and a very nice design.  It is a size N (US 6.75) and as you can see the shank is plain so it can be altered.
Valued at £695.00    
OUR PRICE £240.00

Edwardian 9ct Gold Sapphire and White Topaz Eternity Ring
This antique eternity ring is a real beauty.  Hallmarked for London 1905 it features 2 thick 9ct yellow gold bands with a white gold centre band.  Set into the centre band are alternating princess cut bright blue sapphires and round cut white topaz - 12 of each.  The ring is thick and sturdily made and is a size O (US 8.25) cannot be resized.  In remarkable condition for an antique ring and truly beautiful.
Valued at £325.00  
  OUR PRICE £95.00

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antique 9ct gold amethyst ring

1871 9ct Gold Huge Amethyst Cocktail Ring
This is a beautifully crafted ring.  It is made from solid and heavy hallmarked 9ct Gold and dates to the middle of the Victorian period.  The thick 9ct Rose Gold setting houses a giant round cut amethyst of 13mm diameter and a lovely rich purple and excellent cut.  This is one that is sure to get noticed and is a size K (US 5.5) which could be altered within reason.
Valued at £545.00  
  OUR PRICE £175.00

antique 18ct gold signet ring

1918 Chester 18ct Gold WWI Signet Ring
This is a real beautiful piece of history.  It is crafted from 18ct Rose Gold, fully hallmarked for Chester 1918.  We think this was made at the end of World War 1 following a successful return from the frontline.  It has light engraving to the front which could be removed, if wanted. Front panel measures 9mm, rear is 2.5mm at its narrowest.  Size M (US 6.50)
Valued at £395.00  
  OUR PRICE £145.00

22ct gold opal ring

Victorian 22ct Heavy Gold and Opal Solitaire Ring
This is another very rare custom made antique ring.  It dates to c1895 and features a thick plain 22ct gold shank with pierced shoulders and a rub-over setting.  It is set with an old Cabouchon cut white opal.  The stone has lots of fire with flashes of greens, blues and reds.  It has suffered some water ingression at some point but we do not want to replace the original stone.  It has foreign marks for 22ct gold and is fully tested and warranted.  Our competitors do NOT offer rings of this quality at this price.  Size M (US 6.25) - resizing possible.
Valued at £795.00
    OUR PRICE £275.00

9ct 15ct gold unique ring

Victorian 9ct and 15ct Gold Custom Made Double Ring
A really nice and unique Victorian gold ring this one.  It has been custom made as a ring from the heads of two stock pins.  It has a plain 9ct gold thick shank onto which have been mounted the two pin heads.  The first is a 9ct yellow gold pierced head with a central orange sapphire and 4 old cut diamonds.  The second is a solid 15ct rose gold head with a centrally mounted ruby.  The mount measures 20mm x 11mm.  Size M (US 6.50) - resizing possible.  It is rare to find a unique antique ring such as this and we will miss it when it goes.
Valued at £395.00
    OUR PRICE £125.00

18ct gold platinum diamond ring

Rare and Unusual 18ct Gold Platinum Diamond Ring
This is one of the most unusual antique diamond rings you will ever see.  It has a plain 18ct Rosey gold shank leading up to an early Art Deco abstract setting in thick solid platinum.  There are 5 round cut diamonds set in the platinum, each of which have good colour and clarity, nice and sparkly.  This one will certainly be a talking point.  Size N 1/2 (US 7.25) - resizing possible.
Valued at £625.00  
  OUR PRICE £200.00

18ct gold diamond gypsy ring

1893 Victorian 18ct Gold 0.25 ctw Diamond Gypsy Ring
A classic and beautiful diamond gypsy ring in fantastic condition.  From the late Victorian era, Birmingham hallmarked for 18ct Gold in 1893 this has a classic gypsy design with a single set diamond.  The diamond is old rose cut, 0.25 carats, E colour and internally flawless under 100x magnification.  Photography cannot do this ring the justice it deserves, it needs to be on your finger in the sunlight blinding the poor drivers.  Size S 1/2 (US 9.50) which can be altered.
Valued at £995.00
    OUR PRICE £375.00     SALE £275.00

18ct gold diamond cross over ring

c1900 Heavy 18ct Gold Diamond Cross Over Ring
This is a beautiful ring in quite an unusual style.  It is crafted from 18ct pale yellow gold (old 18ct marked) with a very thick shank and setting.  The cross over setting holds two round cut diamonds of 2.5 mm diameter, F colour and VSI clarity.  An extremely sturdy and well made ring that will still have another hundred years plus of wear left in it.  Size L 1/2 (US 6.0) - can be altered.
Valued at £645.00
    OUR PRICE £225.00

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18ct gold sapphire diamond ring

Art Nouveau 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Ring
Dating to c1880 this is a classic Victorian Trilogy Ring.  It features a plain thick 18ct yellow gold (marked) shank leading up to a detailed rub-over mount.  It houses 1 old cut sparkling dark blue sapphire and 2 old cut white diamonds.  It is in absolutely perfect condition and at a size Q 1/2 (US 8.50) it is much larger than many of the antique diamond rings of this style and period so would be suitable for a lady with larger fingers - re-sizing possible
Valued at £745.00
    OUR PRICE £245.00

9ct gold cased signet ring

c1860 Victorian 9ct Gold Cased Heart Signet Ring
This is typical of the Victorian era.  It is a 9ct Gold cased signet ring featuring a blank heart panel to the front, engraved detailed shoulders and tapering to a narrower shank.  It is in great condition for a 150 year old ring and has a lovely warm rose gold colour.  Size L (US 6.0)
Valued at £195.00
    OUR PRICE £65.00
18ct gold diamond gypsy ring

Victorian Quality 18ct Gold and Diamond Gypsy Ring
A classic diamond gypsy ring made to the very highest quality c1860.  This is fully Sheffield hallmarked for 18ct Yellow Gold and features a tapered shank with scroll worked shoulders and a centrally star set old rose cut white diamond in the face.  The top of the ring measures 8mm wide, so is quite chunky.  Size H (US 4.0) - resizing possible.  A lovely antique gypsy ring.
Valued at £600.00  
  OUR PRICE £195.00
18ct gold aquamarine ring

Victorian 18ct Gold Aquamarine Solitaire Ring
What a stunning antique solitaire ring this is.  Dating from c1870 it features an 18ct rich gold band with a large rub-over mount housing a pale blue Emerald cut aquamarine of 10mm x 8mm equating to 3.0 carats.  It is thickly made and really sparkles.  It is a size L (US 6.0) which can be altered.
Valued at £575.00
    OUR PRICE £175.00

18ct gold ruby and diamond ring

18ct Gold Ruby and Diamond 7 Stone Eternity Ring
If you like your rings sparkly then this is certainly the antique eternity ring for you.  It features an 18ct yellow gold (old 18ct marked) shank and fancy filigree setting housing 3 old rose cut blood red rubies and 4 old rose cut sparkling white diamonds.  The stones are all good colour and clarity.   The central stone is larger, tapering down to the side diamonds.  This is a very high quality ruby and diamond eternity ring which we considered locking away purely as an investment but have offered for sale due to demand.  Size W (US 11.25) - could be resized.
Valued at £850.00  
  OUR PRICE £275.00     SALE £200.00

9ct gold silver eternity ring
9ct Gold and Silver Marcasite Eternity Ring
Dating to c1890 this is a typical Victorian eternity ring.  It is crafted from 9ct rose gold with a silver mount detailed with heart shaped settings each holding a marcasite.  It is in very good condition (though would benefit from a clean) and sparkles very nicely.  Size Q (US 8.25)
Valued at £145.00
    OUR PRICE £45.00   

art nouveau 14ct gold ruby ring

Art Nouveau 14ct Gold Ruby Wave Ring
Dating to c1880 this is a classic Art Nouveau styled ring.  It is crafted from 14ct (tested) rosey gold and has a plain shank leading to a wave design front measuring approx 9mm across.  There is a centrally set round cut deep red ruby finishing it off nicely.  It is in great condition and is a size R (US 8.75) which could be resized by your jeweller if required.
Valued at £245.00  
  OUR PRICE £85.00

9ct gold garnet keeper's ring

UNUSUAL 9ct Gold and Garnet Victorian Keeper's Ring
This is quite a rare and unusual ring dating back to c 1870.  It is crafted from thick and heavy 9ct yellow gold (old 9ct marked) and is a keeper's or shot style ring which has been set to the front with a total of 3 deep coloured garnets.  The stones measure 8 mm and 5.5 mm and are all nice and clean.  It is nice and thick and chunky, being 9.7 mm wide at the front and 6.3 mm at the back.  Size P 1/2 (US 8.0) which could be altered.
Valued at £395.00  
  OUR PRICE £135.00

18ct gold platinum diamond ring

Lovely 18ct Gold Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring
A totally classic example of the Victorian engagement ring.  This is how rings were made back in the day before factories churning out mass produced jewellery.  Hand crafted with care this has a plain 18ct yellow gold shank and a fancy platinum mount featuring a single round cut sparkling white diamond.  The stone is D/E colour, shows no flaws and measures 2.5 mm diameter.  A perfect way to pop the question with a little more style.  Size L 1/2 (US 6.0) which can be re sized.
Valued at £475.00
    OUR PRICE £175.00     CLEARANCE £100.00

18ct gold ruby diamond cluster ring

Stunning 18ct Gold Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring
This is a truly beautiful sparkler dating from 1872 (London hallmarked).  It is crafted from heavy and thick 18ct Gold with a very large cluster to the front measuring 12 mm in diameter.  It is set with 7 (seven) old cut blood red rubies and further accented by 6 old cut diamonds.  It is truly striking and will grace the finger of any lucky lady.  The cluster sits very proud at 8 mm depth and it is a size J (US 4.50) which is easily adjusted.
Valued at £750.00  
  OUR PRICE £245.00


antique diamond ring

 18ct Gold and Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring c1910
And finally.......  The last item on this page will always be a total giveaway - just to see how many people actually go through every item on the page.  No description other than the size.  The title and the picture tell you what it is but the price will always be ridiculous (sometimes we will even make it free LOL)  Hopefully our regulars will fight over this little testing exercise as it is first come first served.  This is size Q 1/2 (US 8.50) - REF ADH1689
Yours delivered (UK only) for £75.00

antique diamond ring

antique eternity ring

This is just a selection of our antique rings we have many more in stock, including Victorian wedding rings, Victorian diamond rings, Victorian engagement rings, Antique wedding rings, Antique diamond rings and Antique engagement rings.  The Art Nouveau period at the end of the 19th Century produced some very unusual engagement rings which are increasingly popular - why buy modern when an Art Nouveau engagement ring or Art Nouveau diamond ring has so much more character.  If these styles are not too your liking then maybe something a little later would suit: an Art Deco engagement ringVintage wedding ring or Estate diamond ring perhaps?  And don't forget we also have modern engagement rings and new diamond rings too.

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