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After a spell showcasing on other websites  we are now back to fully update this site so keep your eyes open for some beautiful additions.

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We are a Specialist Antiques and Vintage Jewellery provider based in Sunny (sometimes) North Cornwall, UK.

Our store aim is to provide something for everyone with our antique jewellery for sale at prices which make the High Street Shops blush.  Our main focus is the unusual and the collectable.  Antique and Vintage Jewelry is currently viewed as one of the most solid investments you can make so our pieces not only have aesthetic value but also have considerable investment potential for the future.



Items of vintage gold and antique gold are our speciality.  Victorian gold, Edwardian and Art Deco gold as well as foreign and older and more unusual pieces.  

We stock vast numbers of 
And many other quirky and unusual items - take your time to browse.

We also have an extensive collection of vintage and antique timepieces and watches, including vintage Rolex, Omega and many other prestigious brands.  We will be building another website to showcase our watches so if you are looking for a Ulysse Nardin, Girard Perregaux, Longines or Jaeger LeCoultre please contact us.  Please note, however that our high grade watches (£10k plus) are not available for general sale but are on a private, members only website.

All Jewellery Purchases come with a standard silk gift bag or the original box / packaging if it has survived.  You can upgrade to a beautiful luxury (and we do mean luxury) box for a small additional charge.


Antique Ring

antique jewelry

antique diamond ring

art deco bracelet

We are in the process of constructing a comprehensive online web-gallery with high resolution close ups of all our stock.  As with everything, time is the factor in completing this endeavour and time is a commodity that is priceless to us so please do not get frustrated if you would like to see more pictures of anything.  There is an 'enquire' link on most estate jewellery listed so feel free to contact us and request more pictures should you require them.  We will always accommodate such requests at the first possible opportunity and even create a new web page dedicated to the item of your interest, with YouTube videos included where possible.  Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Postage Worldwide is FREE for any item (well free to our customers anyway)  We always use UK shipping methods that can be tracked and insured for your peace of mind.  For overseas orders we base the shipping method on purchase price, we are sorry but some bad apples have spoit it for the rest of you - we cannot sell an item for £10 then spend £50 on shipping.  If you require additional insurance for your item please ask us in advance, but please understand that we are not going to pay more for the shipping than the cost of the item purchased.  If overseas customers require couriered delivery please accept that this will incur a considerable charge.


Estate Jewellery

1 carat diamond ring

antique gold ring

estate jewelry

Please accept that we are jewelers providing quality items of Antique Jewelry for our loyal customer base.  We are not suppliers of scrap metals at prices lower than the intrinsic value so if you are looking for items to scrap then please look elsewhere.  We do have many items priced based purely on the metal content in our Clearance Area but we do not sell items at below their scrap value, we are a business after all and do have more excitatory brain cells than inhibitory.  As such, any enquiries merely asking for the gold, silver or platinum weight in an item will be ignored, as will any questions that could be answered by simply reading the descriptions we have given with every item on our site.

If you would like to see any of our stock in person then please come along to our shop in the historic village of Tintagel.  We are opposite the visitor's centre on Bossiney Road, the shop name being Camelot Collectables due to the Arthurian link with the area.  We have already had visitors from all over the country and truly appreciate the support and feedback.  North Cornwall is a fantastic place to visit, so why not make a weekend of it - browse our stock, have a Tarot reading or an Aura Photograph next door and meet some world famous artists and witches and wizards all in the same village.  Please do contact us in advance if there is something specific you would like to see as we do not keep all our stock in one place and we would hate for you to have a wasted visit if the item you are interested in is not in the shop but locked safely away.

We hope you enjoy our website, why not find out more about us, get in touch.


Please also visit our friend's wonderful website:

Delightful Hand-made and Vintage Bunting - Just Bunting


We take great pride in the work that we do restoring our antique jewellery stock and servicing our vintage watches.  Our photography skills are not the best and we will only ever take photographs in natural light and do not use PhotoShop or any other such software.  We hope that this gives the most accurate representation possible of every item we put on here.  Our site may be 'basic' but that is because when we started it Google Sites were partnered with our hosts and unfortunately the building service is extremely restricted.  We will be developing more websites (no choice really) and then we will be able to upload far more quality vintage jewelry to those sites.

All of our repair work and information is under advisement from the British Jeweller's Association
All of our valuations are based on the advice from the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers
All of our watch repairs and information is recommended by the British Horology Institute
All hallmarking information is researched and all information is as accurate as humanly possible.

If you have any comments on our vintage jewellery (our vintage jewelry if you are American) then please contact us.

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